Industrial engineering, towards a new perspective

Do you know industrial engineers?

It is easy to identify them, they are multidisciplinary people committed to various areas of a company, such as logistics, administration, marketing, human resources and production systems for goods and services. Motivated by change and innovation, their primary objective lies in the maximum use and performance of resources, be they human, financial or technological.

Although industrial engineering and management come together to design and develop systems that optimize productivity in order to have an impact in terms of efficiency and effectiveness, industrial engineering alone plays a transcendental role in the economic sector, because unlike what one might think, both micro and macroeconomics provide the necessary tools for engineers to make significant contributions to organizations and social responsibility.

Industrial engineering, therefore, is the discipline focused on implementing, operating and preserving the optimal functioning of the productive system, that is, human labor together with the material, technological, energetic and financial factors, through the establishment of strategies to maximize the performance in the productive development of the organization.

The industrial engineer’s main activity is to obtain the necessary results to satisfy his job competitiveness, however, most of the time he lacks a key factor that motivates him to access the managerial position of his dreams: social relations.

Social relations and the importance of the work environment for human resources are the main issues for students or graduates of an industrial engineering program.

In view of this situation, the decision has been made to promote this discipline to ensure the future of engineering as a valuable multidisciplinary tool for any organization.

In this way it can be concluded that the industrial engineer, due to his versatile nature and his clear vision of the future, always has an impact on the economy by responding to the demand with his performance and results in a percentage of profit through the systems previously designed by the same industrial engineering and management.

Exploiting their skills and abilities, such as a sense of innovation, leadership, self-regulation and business management, are essential to obtain the professional evolution and growth they seek.

Remember that it is the individual who makes his profession the best, so don’t wait any longer and show what industrial engineering can achieve in any organization.


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