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We design and manufacture our own electrical panel boards

Design of industrial electrical panel boards with UL Certificate or CE Marking

The industry, to function properly, must be equipped with various electrical equipment. One of the most demanded in the last (or penultimate) industrial revolution 4.0, is the manufacture of industrial electrical panel boards, very important for carrying out the industrial activity of the companies, in addition to that their operators can work in the plants in an efficient and safe way.

To service this type of company, with large production lines, in MG Electricidad we design and perform the  assembly of each electrical panel board, and/or industrial electrical cabinets. In relation to housing or residences we could speak of the least popular General Command and Protection Table.

The General Control and Protection Table (GCPT) is a rugged structure in which the entire wiring system is fixed, with all the necessary accessories in an electrical circuit so that the power is properly distributed and protected.

Electrical Panel Board

Optimization of production

Because of the importance in optimizing production, the industry is looking for the services of experienced companies and with recognized experience in the field of electricity, such as MG Electricidad, to plan, produce and install the industrial electrical grid to its measure.

Our services range from the design of electrical frames to their own manufacture and certification. Experience has given us the skill required to adapt to the circumstances of each project, both industrial electrical panel boards, depending on the requirement and complexity of the infrastructure to be produced.

Each type of electric cabinet has a different creation and assembly process. At the beginning of each project, in MG Electricidad we collect the information of the customer’s needs about the functions to be fulfilled by that installation, in order to be able to properly configure each detail, and determine the final design and the location of the panelboard.

LVD – Low Voltage Directive

The installation of any electrical panel is carried out based on the Low Voltage Electrotechnical Regulation (REBT) , a guide published and updated by the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, which contains the technical conditions and guarantees with which must have your connection and configuration.

The electrical assemblies of MG Electricidad are carried out supporting them in the LVD and applying the control, security and protection mechanisms that are demanded. For this we have certified and qualified professionals, in addition to the most modern tools that the installation needs, so we guarantee their safety.

The LVD Regulation establishes that for homes and industry the electrical panel can be built-in, on the surface, inside protective frames or inside walls.

In the case of LVD, it will be located very close to the main entrance , usually behind the door, or in another space where it is easily accessible and protected from moisture and blows. The distance to be kept is at least 1.40 meters from the ground and must not exceed 2 meters.

Regarding commercial premises, it is indicated that the location must also be close to the entrance and it is allowed to have a lower height than the house, if it is justified.

Electrical panel board components

The structure of the components of an electrical panel board keeps a basic order of obligatory compliance, for reasons of safety and correct operation. Other factors to be evaluated are the dissipation of heat, noise, or the marking of the cables, for their subsequent maintenance.

The components or parts of an electrical panel board are all the switches that are found in it and are automatically activated , in order to protect, against any unforeseen event, the electrical devices that are connected, as well as the operators who are working with it.

The components of each electrical panel board vary according to the circumstances of the company, its production, its type of product, etc. There are companies that have modern electrical panels with components that are essential for safety and their use is duly regulated, such as:

  • Differential Switch (DS) . The connector detects leakage currents and interrupts the electrical supply to protect household appliances and people in the event of direct contact with electrical power and prevent them from suffering a shock. In the trade you can get several types of ID, its design depends on the function that it has.
  • Power Control Switch (PCS). It is a device that has an automatic system to suspend the supply of electricity when the building exceeds its electrical power limit. It is also activated in the event of a short circuit, which prevents damage to the installation.
  • Automatic General Switch (AGS). It is a modern connector that takes care or controls that the maximum power point that the network resists is not exceeded. When the limit is exceeded, the connector acts by cutting off the electrical power , thus preventing damage from short circuits or overloads.
  • Surge Protector (SP). It regulates the voltage, blocking voltage peaks that could occur on an electrical device. This device prevents damage to electrical equipment. AGS and SP are used in new electrical panels in order to protect the devices in the event of an electrical surge.
  • Small Automatic Switches (SAS). They are connected to each of the internal circuits that make up the installation, that is, the circuit of the refrigerator, washing machine, dryer, plugs, lights and other appliances. Their function is to detect the failure of the electricity at a specific point and automatically cut off the power supply.
UL Certificate MG Electricidad
Certificado CE - MG Electricidad

Industrial Panel Board

MG Electricidad is one of the few companies qualified to issue the UL Certification in Spain.

Electrical Panel Boards

Every industry requires a industrial electrical cabinet , also known as an industrial process control panel, which amounts to an electrical panel. MG Electricidad guarantees compliance with electrical panels with UL Certification or Marking CE , current regulations to control the correct operation of all the equipment that is connected to the panel.

In the same way, in each of the devices, it takes care of controlling the power, protecting its different circuits and minimizing the risk of overloads and short circuits.

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Updating of industrial electrical panel boards

Once the industrial electrical cabinet is assembled, it is normal that, with the passage of time and use, the installation suffers wear in its parts, which makes it necessary to update and renew the equipment or system to continue working without problem. At MG Electricidad we can update and maintain your installation.

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