Industrial control panel UL certification

The UL Certification is a mark indicating that the product has undergone rigorous safety testing and that they have approved the study.

Assigning the UL Certification indicates that a product meets the safety and quality standards set by Underwriters Laboratories, the entity that examines it and guarantees it with the reliability of its tests.

In the case of MG Electricity, we manufacture our own electrical panels, with the guarantee of obtaining the UL Certificate. To do this, we work under your safety standards, we think about the care of people, ensuring the operation of our electronic equipment and maintaining the success and confidence that we have achieved as an industrial electrical plant company.

The advantage of the UL Certification is that the product is highly competitive and allowed to move freely on the markets, as the label represents one of the most recognizable symbols on the market.

Industrial Panel Board UL Certification

Source of UL Certification

The Underwriters Laboratories, origin of the acronym UL, is an organization for the security and certification consultancy that has spread throughout different parts of the world, establishing its offices in more than 46 countries, Spain being one of them.

UL Certificate - MG ElectricidadThe UL regulation has a recognized reputation in the management of product safety and certification. Since its founding in 1894, it was dedicated to the safety of electricity, so it carried out analyses of both the risks in this sector, and the need to test the materials used for the construction of buildings.

With this action, he managed to determine and minimize the risks that could be taken. But not in accordance with this, safety standards for electrical appliances and components were considered and developed.

As a progressive institution, Underwriters Laboratories sought to expand its field of action and is currently also dedicated to the analysis of hazardous substances, water quality, food safety, among others.

In addition, it offers safety certification, service training, validation, and testing, as well as counseling, inspections, and audits. As can be seen, their activities are varied and diverse.

Panel Board Certification

What is the UL Certificate?

In the case of electrical safety, MG Electricity performs tests with standard indicators that ensure that the cable sizes are correct, as well as that the devices can handle the amount of current they are claimed to withstand. These procedures themselves represent UL certification.

To acquire the UL certificate, the company concerned undergoes an initial test, which is executed by UL specialists. By complying with all requirements, the certification applicant is authorized to use the UL standard.

Once the procurement is achieved, the following is that the manufacturer or service provider uses the UL standard in the production of the products, components, materials, systems or in our case, of the electrical tables, and that the experts carry out from time to time inspections to verify the compliance of the UL regulatory requirements.

UL Certificate MG Electricidad

UL Certification Spain

MG Electricidad is one of the few companies able to issue the UL Certification in Spain.

The UL Quality Seal provides safer products and spaces for both companies and their workers, complying with US and Canada Product Safety and Quality Standards.

Under UL certification you can basically differentiate two types of brand:

  • ‘UL Listing’, quality seal applied to assembled and ready-to-use products.
  • ‘Recognised component’, mark on components that will form part of a product later, having both of the same prestige.

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As a company dedicated to the assembly of electrical frames with UL certification in Spain, when contracting our service you will enjoy the peace of mind that the purchased product is quality and safe.
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