KNX Partner and KNX System

MG Electricidad is qualified as KNX Partner Spain. Specifically, our technicians have the KNX Advanced qualification, for which we have the privilege of accrediting our electrical installations with the KNX system. We will talk about this technology and KNX home automation below.

KNX PartnerKNX system is a prestigious communication protocol between devices, for automation in smart homes and buildings. In recent years, it has established itself as the global standard for automation in electronic systems, with UNE-EN 50090 as the European standard and ISO/IEC 14543 as the international standard.

What is a KNX Partner?

A KNX Partner is an automation company with professionals authorized to implement installations in houses, hotels or companies with KNX home automation. For example, MG Electricidad is officially listed as a KNX Advanced certified installer, due to the training of its technicians.

How does KNX Partner work?

The KNX system is used for the planning and control of efficient solutions. Its mission is to have greater functionality and comfort, and try to reduce energy expenditure in our way of life, through automation..

The basis of KNX home automation is the KNX bus cable, a green cable distributed around the architectural structure, which acts as a complementary conductor of the conventional current. In this way, the different elements of the electrical installation of a smart home are connected internally, based on the KNX standard, for the automation of said spaces.


Remote switch

Door locking

Piped music




Swimming pool water control

What companies form KNX?

To become a KNX Partner, companies and their professionals must take and pass the course offered by the KNX Association. In our case, since 2016 our technicians have had the second degree of the basic course, the KNX Advanced.

If you are looking for a smart home or to provide automation in a guaranteed way, we urge you to look for companies with the KNX Advanced certificate.

What is KNX virtual?

KNX Virtual is a project simulation program. It is a native Windows application, where you can technically program KNX with ETS5 and perform tests without having the hardware infrastructure at hand. In conclusion, a very important tool, to work virtually with the ETS software, and to be able to configure a simulated KNX installation without physical devices.

With KNX Virtual program, tests of KNX technology can be carried out, to learn about and recreate its future implementation in a smart home. Very useful before starting a first tangible project. These types of projects are applied in two similar categories: home automation and building automation.

What is KNX system?

KNX  is a scalable system in all types of facilities, homes or buildings. KNX System provides us with an optimization of real energy expenditure, an increase in general security, access control and comfort. In addition to the intuitive and easy handling by the user. Also a great ability to manage the different elements, together with communication with other systems or products on the market.

KNX system is made up of a very robust standard technology. In fact, it has been awarded several times with certificates of great international prestige. One of its virtues is, for example, to provide the inverter with all the guarantee of efficiency in its components, without giving up its own design. Its communication protocol is so open that the manufacturer can choose to communicate its products with other equipment on the market under the European standard.

KNX System class is made up of a 2-wire KNX Bus with polarity. Its topology is free, although rings are not allowed, and it has a 29 Vdc power supply and information on the same pair. By means of a correct topology and with a maximum of 15 functional areas, more than 50,000 different devices can be connected to its bus system.

KNX Smart Sensor

KNX features

KNX System is characterized by its composition of different sensors, actuators and system components such as power sources, logic modules or gateways between systems.

As we have said, it is a customizable and scalable system in any installation, home or tertiary building. In general, its use is oriented to lighting solutions, blinds, air conditioning, energy saving, remote control of installations, technical alarms, control and integration of subsystems.

KNX Solutions

KNX technology provides specific solutions to the tertiary sector, such as, for example, the constant regulation of lighting based on presence, control of climate subsystems, water treatment, boilers and other climate systems. It also offers the inhabitant more aesthetic comforts, such as visualization and control from a touch screen, automatic control of blinds, control of the installation from IR controls, remote access to various functionalities from the Internet with your telephone, or technical alarms, among others. other services.

KNX solutions are applied above all in the tertiary sector: office buildings, companies, shops, hotels, hospitals, restaurants, residences and others. In addition, it is also a great value for money system for single-family homes, housing developments, smart homes, and residential settings.

KNX technology

KNX is considered the only “technical management system for buildings and homes” officially recommended by the European Standard (EN 50090). Verified, again in December 2006, as a Spanish Standard based on section of the CEN/CENELEC rules. And in turn, published in the BOE on February 16, 2007.

A real example that KNX partners offer is the technology for the use of light in accordance with the regulations of due compliance in public buildings. With the right solution, other investments are also profitable, as KNX products can communicate with different security systems to provide information to alarm systems, improve performance and save energy.

KNX Partner

KNX home automation

KNX home automation is a system configured to program and control automated tasks in different spaces of a smart home. Thanks to its implementation, the buildings acquire a multitude of advantages for their inhabitants, with comforts that improve the quality of life.

KNX home automation system is literally a BUS home automation system, named for the type of wiring that it is made up of. These cables maintain constant communication with each other. Its operation is basically like common computers, with the particularity of being configured in the first instance by a home automation technician.

At MG Electricidad we accredit our home automation installations with the KNX Partner seal, as they are created under KNX standard. In addition to day-to-day facilities, a KNX system usually implies energy savings, compared to daily expenses, an implementation of security and long-term cost reduction, in addition to well-being.

Domotica Casas Inteligentes

KNX home automation functionalities

When a home automation system is awarded the KNX seal, it means that the installation has complied with global and European regulations.

Lighting control

One of the main functions of this class of systems is usually the control of lighting, its modulation or color change.

Said comfort is one of the most common, it is not only for use at home, but also in companies, hotels or circumstantial events. Another practice, carried out in our own technical office, in Alicante, is the implementation of movement sensors, for the automatic turning on and off of the lights, and their activation by hourly intervals.

Closing and opening of blinds

Another very common feature is the automation of closing and opening of blinds, also applied in our own company. Through KNX home automation, depending on sunlight, it is possible to automate these functions. Its configuration can be manual, or configured to change automatically, based on certain weather conditions, such as wind, light or rain.

Average temperature and ventilation

A KNX home automation system is also very useful for regulating the temperature or ventilation conditions of a space. Its automatic regulation is not only a comfort, but also an economic saving when it comes to adapting the room temperature, without sudden changes. A constant temperature, for example, can mean having a well-preserved wine cellar.

Regulation of water in swimming pools or jacuzzis

Another positive point is the water regulation canon, in areas such as swimming pools, jacuzzis or saunas. It allows a quality control of the same before the bath, as well as the automation of its maintenance, regulating the levels of chlorine and PH.

Remote and voice control

KNX software allows you to have control of everything that happens in the different rooms of an intelligent building from your own mobile. At the same time, we will be able to configure notifications to have an instant warning in the event of an incident, due to any mistake, such as the open fridge door, or a faucet not being closed. We can also simplify the system to have voice control, through voice recognition systems such as Alexa or Siri.

KNX Partner

In short, KNX is a global standard and in terms of technology, it complies with regulations that reduce the distances between different countries, which is a very positive thing. As a KNX partner, we can testify that every implemented device is of high quality and gives excellent results. In addition, KNX systems can be easily connected to other existing systems and can be used in different applications.

If you are looking for a KNX Partner, to develop a home automation system in your home, company or hotel, at MG Electricidad we can help you. Get in touch and ask for a personalised quote.

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