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Renewal as an automation company

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In March 2012 and after the retirement of the company's founder, the second generation, Manuel Francisco García Camarasa, took over the reins of the company.


With the generational change, came the biggest changes in the company, with a staff formed by experienced and young technicians perfectly trained in which each one contributes what corresponds to him, forming an amalgam of youth and experience that give prestige to our company, applying in each case the ideal criterion always getting the most advantageous technical/economic solutions for our customers.


Our main activity is within the nuts sector, highlighting the automation of machinery and the assembly of electrical panel boards for the operation of those installations.

Providing start-up service anywhere in the world, while offering remote maintenance technical support.

We are approved to certify our frame assemblies with the following certificates:
UL Certificate MG Electricidad
Certificado CE - MG Electricidad

During the last years, we have specialized in the study, development and implementation of automation projects for the industry.

Thanks to our experience we develop electrical projects such as:


MG Electricity update.

Updating of our facilities

During the year 2020 we carried out a deep renovation of our facilities, to adapt them to the circumstances of the workers. With larger work spaces, better delimited areas for technical repairs, reception, private meeting room, etc.

History as an electric company


After an extensive professional and business career in the electrical sector, in May 1979 the founder of the company, Mr. Manuel García Pastor, decided to go it alone to create a family business.
Manuel García Empresa de electricidad desde 1979
Workshop entrance


Electrical panel assemblies

With all the illusion and surrounded by a small group of employees equally motivated in this new professional adventure, he began his career within the electrical installations.

Former MG fleet


His main activity was directed to the Industry, he stood out in public lighting works, installation in Industrial Sheds, Transformation Centers, Design and assembly of electrical distribution and protection cabinets.
Entrega Óscar a la Popularidad, 1985.
1985 Oscar for Popularity Award Ceremony


Poco a poco fueron aumentando el número de clientes y también el de operarios, nos fuimos adaptando a las nuevas técnicas, convirtiendo la empresa en sociedad limitada.

Little by little, the number of clients and also the number of operators increased, we adapted to the new techniques, converting the company into a limited company.
If you need an automation company in Alicante, as well as anywhere in the world, do not hesitate to call us and ask for a quote.
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