Lighting Design

Lighting in premises, industrial warehouses and luxury homes

From MG Lightec, in collaboration with Enrique Ferrer Plaza, we carry out lighting design projects.

Based on a complete lighting design, that is, a spatial study of the architecture and decoration, we will improve the lighting and the efficiency of the electricity used by the installation of your home or company.

From MG Lightec we performed the study of an aesthetic line through a balanced light environment, both indoors and outdoors.

The architectural design of a space should take into consideration the location of different elements and the flow or transit of people through each of the rooms. In addition, a very efficient lighting design should be established to save costs and energy.

In this case, having a suitable lighting system in any space, whether in the home, in a commercial premises or in an industrial warehouse, will be very beneficial for day-to-day activity.

Below are some key aspects to consider at the time of carrying out a lighting project , in order to maximize performance in spaces dedicated to industrial, commercial or domestic activities .

Importance of LED systems in lighting designs

The high efficiency of today’s LED systems certainly makes them very attractive and safe. The combination of low power consumption and high lighting capacity makes them the ideal choice to make an investment that will last over time.

The LED bulbs or lamps offer significantly lower consumption than the traditional lighting systems , while they have a lighting power that can be 10 times higher than halogen bulbs.

Therefore, it is important to consider the installation of built-in LED profiles, surface LED profiles or profiles for LED strips , according to the type of installation required by the house, premises or warehouse.

Lighting Design Indoors Project

Lighting design of industrial warehouses

The industrial buildings are usually quite large spaces with high ceilings, so the incorrect arrangement of the luminaires can represent an extra cost on the productive activity. This happens by increasing errors in processes, as well as the incidence of certain accidents.

Although lighting systems based on incandescent or fluorescent lights were used for many years, currently the use of LED systems is widely recommended in industrial lighting due to its high efficiency and safety.

In this case, the most important aspects to consider when using LED bulbs for industrial buildings, is the total area to illuminate, as well as the height of the ceiling, the distance between walls and the points where you want to install the luminaire.

Lighting Design

Hire the best lighting design

For everything lighting design an initial structural investment should be made that allows us to have safe conditions in the place of the installation, in order to ensure a good development of the people or improve the productive process, in case of industries or shops.

In turn, a modern and appropriate lighting design can facilitate the expense management of the electricity system, since in addition to incorporating LED lights, we can choose to purchase an automatic regulation system.

The automatic system is capable of turning the luminaires on and off in different sectors, by means of motion sensors, according to the traffic of people at the time, in addition to adjusting the intensity of the light based on the specific needs of the place.

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