All kind of electrical projects


MG Electricidad‘s services cover all types of electrical projects. We are specialized in the automation of processes and industrial electrical installations, a sector that has been booming in recent decades due to the need for production and improvement of processes. We carry out all kinds of (low voltage) installations for companies and their industrial machinery.

We have a large team of qualified process automation technicians, dedicated to the design of electrical cabinets and their assembly, customized and configured according to the needs of each installation.

Your automation company in Spain

At MG Electricidad we develop and carry out our own projects, and also as collaborators, regardless of their size. We offer the best guarantee and reliability that only years of experience give.

Unlike other automation companies, specialized in specific areas, at MG Electricidad we can deal with different fields, thanks to a large team of experienced professionals.

Since 1979 we have carried out all kinds of electricity projects around the world, among which we can include the following:

We develop all types of electrical projects:

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